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For small businesses
$10,000 billed annually
$1,000 billed monthly
  • 25 Users

    25 Users

  • 2,500 Data Assets

    2,500 Data Assets

  • Unlimited integrations

    Unlimited integrations

  • Data Discovery

    Data Discovery

  • Data Lineage

    Data Lineage

  • Data Collaboration

    Data Collaboration

  • Data Dictionary

    Data Dictionary

  • Classification


  • Business Glossary

    Business Glossary

  • SSO




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For medium businesses
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  • 50 Users

    50 Users

  • 10,000 Data Assets

    10,000 Data Assets

  • All Starter features

    All Starter features

  • Data Profiler

    Data Profiler

  • Data Quality

    Data Quality

  • Data Insights

    Data Insights

  • Automated PII classification

    Automated PII classification

  • Premium 24x5 Support

    Premium 24x5 Support


SaaS, Private Cloud SaaS

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For large businesses
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  • 250 Users

    250 Users

  • 50,000 Data Assets

    50,000 Data Assets

  • All Premium features

    All Premium features

  • Custom Integrations

    Custom Integrations

  • Enterprise 24x7 Support

    Enterprise 24x7 Support


SaaS, Private Cloud SaaS

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Users & Admins


Data Assets


Number of Integrations


Additional Users


Additional Data Assets

$500/Year per Bundle of 500 Data Assets$1000/Year per Bundle of 1000 Data Assets$500/Year per Bundle of 1000 Data Assets

Slack/Teams Integration

Data Quality Integrations (GE & DBT)

Custom Integrations


Advanced Search

Column & Table Lineage

Data Dictionary

Data Collaboration

Business Glossary

Classification Tags

Automated Classification


Data Profiler


Data Quality


Data Insights


Refresh Frequency

Daily8 HoursHourly

Data Asset Versioning

Last 3 VersionsLast 10 VersionsUnlimited

Conversation History

3 months6 monthsUnlimited

API Access





Private Cloud SaaS



Email & Chat 8x5 SLACustomer Success 24x5 SLACustomer Success 24x7 SLA


2 Hrs Onboarding4 Hrs Onboarding10 Hrs Onboarding

Collate Saas FAQs

What is the difference between SaaS and Private Cloud SaaS?

In the case of SaaS, all the infrastructure required for the service is provided by Collate. All the required services, such as metadata platform, UI, ingestion, and automation workflows run on the Collate cloud. The customer provides access to the metadata sources such as Database, Pipeline Services, and Dashboard Services to Collate for collecting the metadata and organizing them. Note that all the metadata is encrypted both on the wire and at rest, and Collate has no access to it.

In the case of the Private Cloud, customers don't need to provide external access to the data services to the Collate cloud. Customers provide access to their cloud VPC to Collate in order to run agents and workflows to collect the metadata and push it to the Collate service. Only the metadata service and UI will run as part of Collate SaaS. Note that all the metadata is encrypted both on the wire and at rest, and Collate has no access to it. The private cloud offering is available for AWS, GCP, and Azure and might have additional pricing. Contact us for more details.

My number of data assets or users exceeds the current plan that I am interested in. Do I need to move to a higher plan?

You can stay in the current plan of your choice and buy additional users and data assets based on your needs. Each plan has information about additional costs to add more users and data assets.

What counts towards the number of data assets?

The count of data assets includes Tables, Dashboards, Containers, Pipelines, ML Models, Topics, and Reports. The Charts, Glossaries, Tags, Test Cases, Test Suites, Queries, Conversation Threads, Tasks, Policies, Teams, and Services don't count toward the number of data assets.

The users of the system count toward the user limit mentioned in each plan.

What is the benefit of Collate SaaS over deploying OpenSource OpenMetadata on my own?

There are several benefits:

  1. Collate SaaS is a fully managed service that covers all the infrastructure costs needed for running the service smoothly.
  2. Collate handles installation, updates, upgrades, backups, encryption, high-availability, and other operational needs. There is no need to invest your engineering resources to operationalize OpenMetadata saving you both time and money.
  3. Collate SaaS has additional features on top of OpenMetadata. For more details, check out the Collate roadmap.
  4. Priority support and SLAs for Customers from the Subject Matter Experts to get the best out of Collate SaaS.
  5. Customer involvement in planning and prioritizing the product roadmap.

Do you support Private Link?

Yes. We support Private Link for connecting from the Collate cloud to your data services for collecting metadata.

Is my Collate SaaS private, or do you use multiple tenants on the same service?

Collate takes security very seriously. The cloud SaaS instances are not shared by multiple customers. Every customer gets a separate Collate SaaS instance. An instance will only store a single customer's data. All the communication is over TLSv1.3 to ensure transport security. The data stored is encrypted at rest. Additionally, Collate has SOC 2 Type 2 certification to ensure security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Customer Success Services available at an additional cost. Contact us at to learn more.