About us

Transforming the Data Ecosystem

We are on a mission to take the chaos out of the lives of data practitioners by providing a single pane view of all your data, and empowering collaboration.
Single pane view of all your data to empower collaboration.

Redefining Metadata to Automate Innovation

We are inherently data people. Our work revolves around the data world. We're connecting the dots to channel data to drive actionable insights. Paving the road to innovation by simplifying what's at the core of data: Metadata!
Delivering data intelligence to expedite innovation in every sphere (you name it)!

Meet the Founders

We are the engineers behind OpenMetadata, one of the fastest growing open-source projects. We are the ex-architects of Uber, and Founders of Hortonworks. We’ve faced metadata problems in our previous companies and with customers, which motivated us to rethink metadata.
Suresh Srinivas, Co-Founder & CEO of Collate

Co-Founder & CEO

Suresh Srinivas

Passionate about improving data usability & experience. Committer for Hadoop & OpenMetadata, Former Co-Founder of Hortonworks, and Chief Architect for data at Uber.

Sriharsha Chintalapani, Co-Founder & CTO of Collate

Co-Founder & CTO

Sriharsha Chintalapani

Motivated to solve challenging and complex engineering problems. Apache Kafka, Storm PMC & committer. Previously Architect at Uber, Hortonworks and lead engineering teams at Mozilla, and Yahoo! and built highly scalable distributed systems.


Meet our Team

We are a team of high performing individuals geared towards making each customer successful by unlocking powerful insights from their data.
Pere Miquel Brull, Software Engineer, Collate

Pere Miquel Brull

Software Engineer

Mik Cepulis, Sales Account Executive, Collate

Mik Cepulis

Sales Account Executive

Sachin Chaurasiya, Software Engineer, Collate

Sachin Chaurasiya

Software Engineer

Rupesh Chavan, UI UX Design, Collate

Rupesh Chavan

UI UX Design

Teddy Crepineau, Software Engineer, Collate

Teddy Crepineau

Software Engineer

Matías Puerta Dolz, Software Engineer, Collate

Matías Puerta Dolz

Software Engineer

Ashish Gupta, Software Engineer, Collate

Ashish Gupta

Software Engineer

Karan Hotchandani, Software Engineer, Collate

Karan Hotchandani

Software Engineer

Akash Jain, Software Engineer, Collate

Akash Jain

Software Engineer

Aniket Katkar, Software Engineer, Collate

Aniket Katkar

Software Engineer

Chirag Madlani, Software Engineer, Collate

Chirag Madlani

Software Engineer

Dhruvin Maniar, Software Engineer, Collate

Dhruvin Maniar

Software Engineer

Shailesh Parmar, Software Engineer, Collate

Shailesh Parmar

Software Engineer

Onkar Ravgan, Software Engineer, Collate

Onkar Ravgan

Software Engineer

Sanket Shah, Software Engineer, Collate

Sanket Shah

Software Engineer

Ayush Shah, Software Engineer, Collate

Ayush Shah

Software Engineer

Mayur Singal, Software Engineer, Collate

Mayur Singal

Software Engineer

Pablo Takara, Software Engineer, Collate

Pablo Takara

Software Engineer

Shilpa Vernekar, Developer Relations, Collate

Shilpa Vernekar

Developer Relations

Mohit Yadav, Software Engineer, Collate

Mohit Yadav

Software Engineer


From Diverse Geographies, United by a Common Goal

The common values we share keep us motivated to always do our best.
Grow Together

Grow Together

We believe in collaboration to get the best out of each other in whatever we do, and to learn together.

Aligned with Customer Success

Aligned with Customer Success

A powerful blend of empathic listeners with data expertise, catering to customer needs and feedback to ensure customer success.



In sync with the changing needs of the rapidly evolving data ecosystem.



We’ve got you covered by thinking ahead. Attention to detail is at the core of our DNA.

Delivering Value

Delivering Value

Addressing the unmet needs of the data community. Our goal is to help customers realize the full potential of their data.

Love Challenges

Love Challenges

Driven to tackle complex problems. It feels great to evolve solutions that make a difference.