Software Engineer

Data is transforming the world and we at Collate are transforming the world of data. Collate is founded by the co-founder of Hortonworks, the original creators of Hadoop, and data infrastructure leaders at Uber. We are on a mission to help every company realize the fullest potential of data through the power of open-source.

Though the last decade of big data evolution has given rise to scalable data infrastructure; several problems related to data quality, observability, usability, and productivity remain unaddressed. Thereby preventing companies from realizing value from data. We are focussed on solving these fundamental problems by enabling teams to discover, collaborate, and get their data right. We power the OpenMetadata community, an open-source initiative to define open metadata standards, centralize fractured metadata, and unify data experience

Collate is headquartered in the Bay Area with a strong remote culture and is backed by Unusual Ventures. This is a great opportunity to work in open-source with a great team to shape the future of data.


Today we are focussed on solving the foundational problem of discovering and understanding data. We believe Metadata is the key on which we can build user collaboration, data quality, data observability, and many more applications that'll enrich the life of data users. It'll bring the much needed data usability to organizations who have invested heavily in building their data infrastructure and are struggling to find their investment pay off.

What you'll be doing

  • Design and build OpenMetadatathat is iterating and evolving rapidly.
  • Bring high scalability to OpenMetadata that can work across many different data sources and millions of data assets, tables, pipelines, dashboards, ML models, etc.
  • Define open standards for metadata through APIs, schemas, and entities that'll be adopted across the industry.
  • Be a part of the team that'll change the way data products are being built in OSS.

Please check out our Documentation and Sandbox. We are on a mission to make OpenMetadata the best open source project there is, in terms of documentation, UX design, and installation.

We are currently working with

  • Java
  • JSON Schema
  • REST APIs & Schemas to define the standard for Metadata
  • Python
  • Docker
  • React/NodeJS/TypeScript to build our UI
What you bring
  • 5+ years of experience in Java or similar languages.
  • Experience in building data platforms. Experience in the data and analytics space.
  • Experience in designing, building, and supporting a user-facing product.
  • A desire to learn and grow as an engineer.
  • A passion to uncover and solve real-user problems.
  • Excitement about being an early engineer.
  • You'll be defining our engineering culture, choosing our shared tools, and helping us build a world-class team.
  • Previous open-source contributions are a plus.
  • Competitive salary and Seed stage startup equity
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance to keep you and your family healthy.
  • Fully remote.
  • Work with smart, motivated, like-minded peers, whom you can teach and learn from to grow together.
  • You'll be joining a small team with no bureaucracy or politics and get to work directly with the founders.

To apply, write to us at